Here's a few tips for planning your portrait session.....


The location of the shoot can add a whole lot of meaning and fun to your photos. The images will be focused on you but the background adds colour, texture and light. Choose outdoor locations such as a beach, park, farm or urban.

The best time of day for natural outdoor shoots is early morning or just before sunset to get soft golden lighting.


Or choose to have studio shots for consistant lighting and the comfort of an inside private shoot where the weather is not an issue.



There are no set rules when it comes to what to wear for a portrait. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and like yourself in the chosen outfit to bring out your personality and make you feel happy and relaxed.

For family/group sessions choose colours that compliment each other. Pick similar tones and colours. Nothing too patterned or striped.

If you're going for formal make sure everyone looks sharp. If you want a more natural look let everyone wear something casual and comfortable.

Think of your chosen location. If your photo session is being taken on the beach or a farm wear comfy shoes for walking in and no restricting clothes that you can't sit down comfortably in.

Bring a few sets of clothes for kids studio portraits to give them a few different looks during the session.



You can bring along accessories such as hats and scarfs but leave hats off to start with to get some with tidy hair.

Bring kids favourite toys to help to keep them content or to be used in the photos to show their personalities.



Go about 30% more intense with your blush, shadow, mascara & liner.

Avoid mineral makeup and anything with SPF in it if possible. Mica and titanium dioxide reflect light, which can make you look pale and washed out.

Lines look twice as harsh in a photo so make sure you blend anything you don’t want to stand out.


Last but not least....

Have fun! It's not always about posing and looking at the camera.

I like to also capture candid shots as the children play and hang out together as a family.